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Saturday, 10 December 2011


DJ has been training Tigger to climb the loft ladder and do sentry duty at the small hole which is attracting the Jackdaws to enter the roof space. She is being praised and rewarded with Kittie Treats. In the mean time she is also demonstrating a willingness to have a go at rounding up sheep. I think the black and white dogs attracted her.

For those of you unfamiliar with this TV show....It is called One Man and his Dog. It shows off the best skills of the shepherd and sheepdogs. "One Man" will have to be changed soon because more and more of the younger competitors are girls.
Tigger loved it when the rounding up and driving of sheep into pens, took place.

And she couldn't resist giving the dog a helping hand.

Cheers Gillian and Tigger


carol said...

She's such fun! I could do with her here to repel starlings that nest in the eaves - they make a terrible racket.

trish said...

What a girl!

Jan said...

I have twice seen my son's tiny Abyssinian leap at the screen to catch the birds she had been stalking on the programme.

hippyhat said...

Hello Gillian *waves* I was talking to the birdman at Blackhall Rocks yesterday and he mentioned your Blog so I've popped in to say hi (Hi!) and have a quick scroll through. Your pictures (of the hawk)are much better than mine but I was soooo cold! Seems like we have interests in common - my first blog was Magical Meadows, the quarries over here are lovely for walks and wildlife, and the dales, knitting, Durham......I'll be back for more:)
pamela x
p.s. born in Bishop, live in Ferryhill, and, oh yes, daughter in Oz!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Really delightful. Our little cat Smog went through a period of television fascination. We found him, almost dead, on the side of the road. And now he's spunky and healthy and happy.