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Friday, 2 December 2011


It was a sunny day so Seaton Carew was on the agenda. The local council have nearly finished the seawall and esplanade renovations, or would have, if the stormy tides hadn't brought all the sand back up the beach that the summer tides took away.The hand rail at the bottom of the steps is not of much use right now! At the next flight, along the prom, they had a digger moving sand by the giant shovel load and scattering it down by the retreating waves, so that the new steps could be accessed. And at the carpark steps a large lagoon welcomed people to what was a vast sandy beach just last month. Trying to stop the sea having its way is futile, but local councils still waste money trying to stop the action of the waves rather than changing their rigid coastal paths.

This afternoon was spent warming up at home.
At the top of our stairs is the den, and I suppose it is like having a shed/studio/office. There has been much in the news lately of the benefits to men of having a shed. I think this is what this area is to DJ cos his shed is only big enough for some tools, a couple of bikes and the empty paint tins. I'm having a go at oil painting at the moment. That means taking one of my photos and copying it. I read some how-to-do-it books and have a couple of good ones which show how to get from blank canvas to finished picture in step-by-step pics and I'm following the method, sort of.

I was doing mixed media last month and watercolour the month before. I'm too much of a butterfly to get into anything in a serious way but I'm enjoying it.

I like the way you can tweak oils. I have scraped off the chicken's face, cos it looked gormless and shall have another go tomorrow at making it look more like it has a personality. Also its tail needs more tarting up .
DJ's desktop and printer are up here, and so are lots of books, comfy chairs, lots for Tigger to play with and the only window that gives a view of farm animals on a good day.
Apparently cats and dogs can see digital TV much more clearly than the old sort. Tigger is certainly an avid TV watcher and is engrossed in it as I write this blog. At least it stops her from trying to share the keyboard with me and keeps her off the desk and away from the pens. She is especially fond of soccer and loves Sky news and seems to read the "breaking news" strip as she follows it across the bottom of the screen.

Cheers Gillian


Sue said...

Your painting looks great. I always wanted to paint but was never any good. Tigger sounds like our Bella who loves to watch knitting podcasts on the computer. We are moving this Thursday to a new address so I shall send you an email once we are all settled in.

carol said...

What a lovely post - really enjoyed all aspects but especially the glimpse of your cosy room. Please tell Tigger that sitting too near to the screen can damage brain cells!
Only other comment I have - chickens have always struck me as gormless so you could be said to have caught the look accurately,