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Sunday, 8 January 2012


We got the campervan out of storage and took off in the early morning sunshine. The North Yorkshire coast is home to jet and fossils and Runswick Bay has a good reputation for both.
The village is absolutely lovely. Lots of cottages tumbling down the steep hillside, with footpaths intertwining all whichways through them.

Carparks and roads are off to the side.

Gardens are small and exquisitely kept and the views are plain marvelous.

The original village was swept away in a storm in the 1600s leaving only one cottage. It is still there at the foot of the cliff but new cottages have all been built higher up the steep cliff.

Unfortunately the beach is not as strewn with treasures as I was led to believe, but we walked all the way round to the cliffs and hammered hopefully at strange shapes. We returned empty handed to the van.

Bacon sandwiches and the Saturday papers kept us occupied for a fair while and we shall return as soon as we can because it is a treasure of a place even if I found none on the beach.

Cheers Gillian

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