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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


OK. Here is the test.
I made two pots of porridge. I put lots of milk and some honey on both bowls. The one at the rear is "Tesco's Finest Rolled oats".

The one at the front is "Mornflake Medium Oatmeal". I had a yearning for the sort of porridge my granny used to make. She used to get up really early and cook it in a double boiler. My grandfather would have his with milk and a sprinkling of salt. I found the Mornflake stuff in Sainsbury's. I made the two batches at once so that we could compare them.

The outright verdict was Mornflake real porridge.

I admit I put them both on at the same time and so the rolled oats were quite well cooked and very smooth, but the other stuff was just right and it is definitely worth getting up earlier in order to cook it.

So I shall.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

I agree - Mornflakes win! I do find porridge - or the many forms of oats I suppose - very confusing. Pinmeal, Jumbo, rolled, medium, fine, rough ... whatever we have on the shelves in the shop someone wants something different!
I make my porridge from water and oat bran these days. With some raw blueberries and a bit of sugar I really like it It's creamy, quick, and supposedly bringing down my cholesterol fast! Must have it tested soon.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

I haven't seen Mornflakes. On investigation I find I use 2 different types of Organic Scottish oats. The jumbo sized oats I use to make museli, but I microwave [!] a more fine rolled Co-op version if I am cooking it, for a smoother finish. Can't wait to cook any longer than 5 mins. Sad news on Cholesterol, or maybe it would be a lot higher without the daily oats. I am on a low 10 whatever statin which keeps me hovering in the 5s.