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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bye Bye Tinkie

Less than a year ago DJ held little Tinkerbell on his lap.
She was an endearing kitten and an adept acrobat.
DJ built her a climbing frame so that she could see the great outdoors...
...and we had to put chains on the windows to stop her climbing out of the top floor.
She played happily with this little fluffy green ball and took it all around the house for people to find and throw for her. I shall keep it safe.

At about 8pm tonight she followed the blackbird over the road outside and got run over. She made it back to the yard and a friend came to tell us he had seen her coming home. She died in my arms. She will be awfully missed by both of us.
Gillian and Dave


love those cupcakes said...

Oh, Gillian, such very sad news about your gorgeous kitty. I'm so sorry, it's truly horrible to lose a much loved pet and especially in those circumstances. Take care.

helen tilston said...

Oh Dear Gillian and Dave. My heart is with you and I am praying for you.
Fond wishes and hugs to you both
Helen xx

carol said...

That is heartbreaking news. I'm so sorry for you both.

Sue said...

Oh no how heartbreaking Gillian. I can just imagine how bad you must both feel losing such a precious part of the family. Hugs to you both xoxoxo

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

My heart goes out to you.I know the loss of a pet.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

oh Gill I am so sorry, she was a fantastic cat, it will take a while to get over her loss. Heart felt best wishes,I am crying for her and you and all our lost loves. She had a wonderful year. Life can be so unfair.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am so sorry for you and for wee little Tinkie too. She was an amazing and happy part of your family. It is my firm belief that there cannot be an after-life without our critters. Hugs to you and Dave.