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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The yard has been tidied up and some new trees planted. A Rowan has been planted in the new bed. It is already higher than the fence and should grow well here. There are always plenty of them around as we go on our walks so they are natural survivors in this area. The berries will look pretty and will also attract the birds. This is not necessarily a good idea. I don't put food out for the birds because it would be a bit like tempting them into the yard for Tinker to play with, but I think they'll have a much better chance in a tree.
The two long tubs have apple trees in them. They'll never get very big but with plenty of water and food they will produce apples. One is an "eater" and one a "cooker".
I moved the cherry tree in its big tub over to the side with the roses and gave the other climbing rose an extra prune.At last the milder weather has reached us up here and all the plants are doing well.
We have started walking with the County Council Walks group again and our first outing of the season was around Beamish. These lovely cow sculptures seemed to want to follow us along the path...
...and some hefty Dobbins would have liked to come with us too. You could feel the ground shake as they galloped around their paddock. The walk was meant to be a five-miler but ended up being well over that, probably nearer seven miles. Much of it was uphill (and lots downhill too) and some across fields.
The next day I went to a yoga session which stretched some more muscles I hadn't used for a while and I spent the rest of the week hobbling around.
Also on our walk we crossed Causey Arch...the oldest railway bridge in the world, but not steel or steam.
We walked again yesterday, around the Durham Botanic Gardens. A delightful history of the origins of the ownership of the land and plantings. I have no pics because my lovely Lumix is ill. The lens protectors won't close and although the camera works the lens is vulnerable and exposed at all times. I shall need a trip to Jessops at the Metrocentre and probably a second mortgage to get it fixed.
I consolled myself with some mucking about with inks and paints and gladwrap and made some backgrounds to paint on.
It's art day today so I'm off now to Darlington for a couple of hours of painting.
I hope the sun lasts a bit longer. I suppose putting out the garden furniture would be the worst thing to do at this stage.
Cheers for now


Lyn said...

I popped over to see your Rowan tree, hope it grows well, it has a good head start anyway.
I love the cow sculpture too!
Have a sunny weekend.

carol said...

Nice wall. Does it get the sun? My wall shrubs have to reach for the light so get a bit leggy.

You do realise the rowan tree is the witches tree? I'm never sure if it is supposed to protect against witches (some would have it) or be enchanted by them so that anyone damaging the tree brings down awful retribution. Either way - better look after it!