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Friday, 17 May 2013

Knitting and Painting

The days are passing and I think of Tinkie less but we both still expect her to be in all the usual places and I still think she will be there to greet me when I come in the door. We have a few outings trips and visitors over the summer so even though my urge has been to rush out and get something to cuddle and fill the gap, it will probably be October before another cat comes to live with us.
A really spooky moment occurred a few days ago...The front door was open because a glimmer of sun had peeped through a cloud. And a movement caught my eye and I turned to see a tabby face peering in. "Hello pussy cat" I said, and she stepped in and came towards me. She let me pick her up and cuddle her and when I put her down she went on a tour of all the places Tinkie went. Checked out all the corners and the usual spots and then let me pick her up again. DJ was more reluctant to touch her so I took her outside and put her in the front yard. We went to the shops and when we came back she wasn't there any more. I haven't seen her since.
I have done lots of knitting.
Another string bag using up some more cotton from the stash and...
Another cotton bag to use up the green ( that was left over from a jumper that got frogged so there's enough for a few  more bags yet).
Some more painting in class...
This is painted on a canvas which has been painted black to start with and is then over-painted using a sponge. Very quick and quite enjoyable and not bad when you stand back from it.
This painting needed some glazing to bring out the varying colours in the scene. It had ended up very green but is looking better now.
And this is the "Joseph" painting which has now got coats of many colours, cos I hate wasting the big blobs that are left on the palette...
There was obviously some crimson left on the palette this time.
Because of the dreary weather we have also been watching some movies: good, bad and indifferent. Some get turned off some get laughed at and others are gripping to the end. If there is ever anything truly worth watching I'll let you know.
Cheers for now


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

I still think of tinkie too, blooming cats! I am very envious of your productivity, quantity and quality, I hate wasting the paint on the palette too, I try to squeeze it back in the tube repeatedly, repeating the ensuing mess every time.

carol said...

I've had similar experiences with pets. For ages our much loved cat Soxy appeared in the corner of my eye or brushed round my ankles.
I'm glad you're able to get on with creative things. I do love your paintings - it's not just flannel, I mean it.
I waste lots of paper rather than paint, practicing my craft! I was shown a letter written in the 19th century in a tiny, neat hand with cross writing all over the first page- have you seen this? The paper turned and lines written horizontally across the earlier lines. It was very difficult to read.

lovethosecupcakes said...

I've never thought of knitting a bag. Don't they get saggy with use? Your paintings are so good. As someone who can't paint (or draw) for toffee, I'm envious of anyone who can.