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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toothache and Curry

Last Friday we went to Sandsend near Whitby, for the day and it was really lovely. The weather was gorgeous, we took a lovely picnic and the Camper and parked on the cliff overlooking the beach. We were early and the places filled up as the day progressed. We were still there when people started to leave and eventually wove our own way home.
The next day my toothache began. It had been niggling for a couple of weeks but I was optimistic that it would subside. I wanted it to subside. It didn't. I didn't want to return to the dentist I had been using so I held out all weekend and then phoned a new dentist on Tuesday. They were able to give me an appointment that day. The tooth was drilled and packed with antiseptic stuff and I was put on amoxyllin and given another appointment for tomorrow.
It was very difficult to eat and drink all week but by today the swelling and pain had gone down and so I prepared this...
It's basically a vegetable curry that my brother made for us a year or so ago. As omnivores we tend to chuck left over chicken into it too. You can see that I write in my recipe books and amend the quantities and ingredients.
Today's vegetables were "what's in the fridge". I still find it quite complicated to get all the ingredients and spices and procedures in the right order so I do this.
Everything goes in the pan on the right and is lined up like a procession in the order of addition. The last, for instance is the coriander (to be chopped) and the garam masala to be sprinkled and of course the onions are not cut up until just before. Veggies like potatoes are par-boiled but most of the rest is cut to an appropriate size and added. All the spices are measured out and put in ramekins in the queue.
This is the last stage. Rice with some saffron is cooked on the side. It is then dished up.
Today it is accompanied by red wine from our visit to France but lager goes well too.
It got cleared up and replaced with a couple of M&S rhubarb deserts. Sorry but they went too quickly for a photo to be taken.
Well that's the toothache seen to for a while!
Cheers Gillian

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