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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Blues Brothers Go To The Cricket

The Blues Brothers got tickets to the fourth day of the fourth Ashes Test at the Durham ground at Chester-le-Street. They took Hester from Chester-le-Street along for the ride.
But she wasn't allowed in cos she hadn't got a ticket, so she stayed in the car for the day.
There was a short session with the band in the park.
Then they went in and watched the famous people close up at the nets for a while.
Before they took their seats in the rapidly filling ground.
Some people had already started their lunch!
But it wasn't long till the teams came out to play.
Little Bo Peep was a bit late. Obviously  had some trouble finding all her sheep.
The cameraman in the crows nest got to come down at lunch time.
Which was a good thing because there was a deluge to rival Noah's flood and everyone got soaked.
Eventually play resumed and because the Ozzies were having such a good  afternoon, the Poms got a bit bored and resorted to seeing who could make the longest snake out of empty plastic beer glasses...
...And watching the Honey Monster get chased around by the security people who were trying to evict him.

But it all came to a sad end. The Ozzies tumbled and the Blues Brothers didn't get on TV.
They'll do it again though...anytime. The day out was really good , the atmosphere was great and so was the cricket. Well done Durham for such a good Test Match.
Cheers Elwood


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

weird to think while I was peacefully listening to TMS the Blues Bros were cavorting! Brilliant

love those cupcakes said...

Looks like a great day out (unless you were poor, stuck in the back of the car, Hester,of course).

helen tilston said...

Despite the rain which looks like it did not dampen spirits, your day looks perfect.

Jacob Stewart said...

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