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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chicken Run On It's Way

I bought a chicken coop which came with a readily attachable run. The "run" is shown in the first photo. It is still in its "flatpack" state.

I would like to pretend that I did it all myself. I have been holding a few pieces in the right place for R to just zap it all together and the tools are all mine. It was probably easy enough to manage if I had four arms and hands but I was able to borrow a couple of capable ones. In fact he did quite a good job on his own while I chatted to a friend on the phone for a while or so.

The coop was suppose to be able to be assembled by one person in half an hour, but because all the similarly shaped pieces were not numbered it took the two of us over an hour and a half. This included removing pieces that had been put on back to front and/or upside down.

The cat is wondering where to find more birds ( please let me
know if you have a nifty way of stopping the cat from catching little bluetit babies apart from locking her indoors).

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh that naughty kitty. We have collars with bells on our cats so that the birds fly away. I guess if they are babies though they have no chance. Perhaps you need to buy her a cat run so when she wants to go outside she can play in that.

Beverley said...

Hi Gillian

So very pleased to see your comment on my blog! I must our contact and always wondered how you were getting on. I will have to do a bit of catch up reading and she what you have been up to! Your house and garden looks lovely. It is marmalade time here again ans I will be getting out your receipe to use. Will you be doing the markets again?

Pleased to see you are still busy knitting and spinning etc.

If you find a way to stop bird hunting you will have to pass on the tip "Patches" loves this passtime as well.

I have been really busy as have started my City & Guilds long distance so let the blog slip for a while I am trying to get it up and running again.

Once again so good to hear from you!

Knit on >^..^< Beverley