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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sock It To Me

I have finished my blue socks at last. Just lately socks seem to be taking me more and more time to finish. The toe on the second sock in this pair, lingered on the needles for a month!
It was the lovely Lana Grossa tweedy wool which I get from Tabbyblog
The dark blue and purple tweed colour is my favourite and this is the easy ribbed pattern from Wise Hilda Knits It's a k3p1 rib as you may be able to see by the reverse on the folded down one.

I have two balls of it left in the colours shown and I have a queue of people wanting socks but not in these colours. Shame. I shall start the brown ones anyway, because they may be alright for someone on the list. I shall keep the red ball for some more for myself and go in search of more colours.
I'm away for a few days and always travel with some sock knitting because it's so easy to carry, specially when Sue makes you a lovely bag to carry all the paraphenalia in. Socks needles don't get in the way of people sitting next to you and the rows are short and can be interrupted if you are knitting relatively plain socks.

And here's some more that I made earlier!
Again in the Lana Grossa Tweedy wool.

Cheers for now



Anonymous said...

Oh wow, there's nothing any nicer than hand knit socks! You've done a beautiful job.

joco said...

Hey -- that was my line :-)
Recycled again from
Yours look wearable.

Heide said...

I love your sock bag and the color of the purple and blue socks is a dream. Have fun on your trip.

Walled Garden said...

Sorry joco, you're right. No wonder it came so easily to mind.
Cheers Gillian