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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Northumbria and all its Wonders

My VERY favourite English coastline is the Northumbrian section. The first picture here shows the famous view of the Castle at Lindisfarne, Holy Island.

I took a friend to visit the island, which can only be reached at low tide. There are these castle ruins at the end of the island and ruins of the monastery in the centre of the island which is where this photo is taken from.

There are serious warnings about getting off the 'island' before the tide comes in again because if you miss it you are stuck for another 6/8 hours. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

There were so many people there that day that we took off for Bamburgh.
I love this castle. As you can see it looks out to the North Sea. The weaponry must come from a few wars. We enjoyed lunch of fresh, local crab sandwiches and then headed home

The next day we headed out to Piercebridge to review the Roman ruins just beside the village. This picture shows the protected remains of the Roman bits. The village is built on top of the original Roman fort and there is still a bridge over the Tees river at the same place that the Romans built one.
There are many Roman remains around this area and the roads are often straight for long distances suggesting their origins were Roman.

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sue said...

The castle looks wonderful, although I dont think I would like to be stuck there for 6/8 hours. Everything is so green too. Fortunately this winter we have had some rain so everything is green here too, although not so much water in the dams.

Heide said...

It's so beautiful and there is so much history to absorb.