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Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Gum Tree Goes

This is a picture of the giant gum tree at the bottom of the garden. It has caused concern because it is causing considerable damage to the shedding and wall, which are listed historic buildings. On Thursday a large cherry-picker arrived in the back lane and the Wynd was closed off as the removal of branches began.
It was a tricky job because of the position of the tree and the fact that ten telephone wires ran through the branches. I found out the next day that three lines came down as branches fell, but fortunately mine was safe. They others were still being repaired late Friday evening.
The cottages to the east of the wynd were without phone lines for a couple of days.
There is of course an enormous gap where it was. But there are five other large trees down there and my eyes will soon become accustomed to the empty space.
BUT what will I do with all the gigantic logs? They also left a mountainous heap of branches with the glib statement that "they would all rot down"! I'm not impressed by this. It is a garden, not a forest and it would take decades for the pile to rot down enough. It is in fact a lazy finish to the job and a disappointment to me that the estate would should show so little consideration for one of their properties. I shall think on it during next week and decide what to do. I would appreciate any advice

Cheers Gillian.


Beverley said...

Hi Gillian

What a shame!!! I quite under stand why but to cut down such a lovely tree. I wonder if there are any wood turners who would be glad of it or failing that a sign saying "free firewood" Gum burns really well.

PS Hope you don't mind but I have tagged you on my blog.

Cheers >^..^<

Heide said...

Whomever paid this company would probably not be thrilled to hear of their shoddy service. Perhaps a complaint to that person(s) would prompt a clean up.

sue said...

Perhaps you can give it away to someone. If it dries out enough I am sure someone could use it in their fireplace, or as beverley mentioned make sculptures from it.

Amongst The Oaks said...

I agree with Heide. The estate should be made aware of the mess that was left. And your displeasure with said mess. I'm sure they'll make it right when they see it.
We had a gum tree once and the hummingbirds loved it. And they smell so nice, but they are messy, aren't they?

Teacats said...

True -- perhaps giving the wood away will allow the tree to be "recycled" Or perhaps use the wood logs as garden seats? Or the legs of a garden table? Or perhaps turn the space into a garden -- and use the logs as a wall or barrier?

Love your blog! Jan at Rosemary Cottage