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Sunday, 4 April 2010


This is the castle round the corner....well only a small is ten minutes drive away really. Raby Castle is the home of Lord Barnard and is the largest, permanently, inhabited castle in England. It was open on Easter Sunday for an Easter Egg Hunt, so most of the people, pushchairs and families were in the grounds. DJ and I were in the castle with a few other adults.The castle and grounds are grand. The interior cannot be photographed but can be viewed on the website. The old moat is mostly dry but a couple of feeder lakes are still full of water.In the summer, local league cricket matches are played on the castle cricket ground and it is lovely to sit and watch the cricket with the castle as a backdrop. At the moment it is so wet that the duck are grazing the field. Alison came to put up the bedroom blinds today. The house is nearing completion. We are settling down at the end of a great day, for a slow roast leg of lamb and a good bottle of red.
Cheers to all, Gillian


Heide said...

Whose house is in the last picture? I told my husband that when we win the lottery we need to lease a cottage on the Raby Estate during our world tour.

Walled Garden said...

You wouldn't be very comfy in the cricket pavillion, although you would have a lovely view of the castle!
Hope you would come and stay with us instead.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Yum to roast lamb and wine and - how nice to have a stately home in your almost-back yard!