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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Slowly Does It

I'm only doing my socks at half the rate that Sue
is doing hers and hers look lovely, as does all her knitting and sewing. My socks are gorgeous because the yarn is. There is no real pattern to them. There is enough wool to wind a small ball away at the end of the first sock and then knit the second sock to match the stripes.
Mind you I bought a couple of pairs of golfing socks at ALDI, with argyle leg bits, in a pack....for £2.99. Why do I knit them?
I shall probably do one pair every couple of months. Sue does a pair a month, plus a small item of clothing for someone's baby plus a present for a cousin or such plus some really lovely sewing.
Good on you Sue!
The days are warming up a bit here. The yard is turning into a gorgeous courtyard and being less of a carpark. Wisteria has been potted to grow up the house and all the herbs required by the normal kitchen have been planted in the sunny corner.
I'm off socks and have printed off the free Rowan pattern for Toasty Slipover in their selection of free patterns. It's a straight forward double knitting vest. Just the sort of thing I like.

Next week heralds a major change in my life.
DJ moves in. He plans to sell his house and co-own this one with me. This will be our home.
Major events for both of us, great excitement, lots of hard work and a future we are both really looking forward to. We've had such a wonderful time so far and there's lots more to come.

DJ has introduced Tigger to Whiskas Temptations since he witnessed the adoration that my brother's fat moggy gave him, when the little box of goodies was rattled within earshot. Tigger has picked up on it quickly and she nearly begs for the little morsels.
She doesn't even know that I can distribute the same stuff. I picked up the box and rattled it today and she just ignored me. DJ rules in this area.
Lovely sunshine here, hope it is with you,
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh I had to have a little giggle about Tigger only wanting snacks from DJ! How wonderful that your life is now complete and very very happy, hooray for both of you. I have to say I felt quite honoured getting such a wonderful report from you about my knitting. Your socks do look fantastic and I think to have handknit socks is wonderful because nobody is going to have the same pair. My 4th pair is nearing completion for the first one and then I hope I dont get second sock syndrome. At least the next pair will be a smaller pair for Isabelle although she already wears a ladies size 6 shoe now! I look forward to seeing progress on the vest.

carol said...

Very odd. My comment has been added but not recognised - you have 1 comment according to the blog but - hey you have 2!

chillsider said...

Very best warm wishes for your new home together.