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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Now I Have Everything!

I never had a bike as a child because we lived in London and my father deemed it too dangerous.
So I never learned to ride one properly until last summer, when we were in France, and I borrowed one of the spares from the garage and rode with DJ to the baker's every morning for the bread.
Many of the old railway lines in this area have been turned into bike paths and so apart from our "Walking Programme" we have been intending to develop a "Biking Programme" to keep ourselves fit. That meant I had to get a bike.
I wanted a vicar's wife's bike, with a basket on the front and because I knew nothing about bikes but knew what I wanted to be seen sitting on, I resisted strongly anything coloured pink, blue, or lavender. Pashleys were too dear for someone who might give up bike-riding after her second trip to the shops, even though they look gorgeous and mountain bikes were absolutely a no-no.
Then this one popped up on ebay. It was just a few miles away and very desirable, but I was outbid by someone more determined than I and with seemingly endless funds.
Apparently when they went to collect it they found that they were too small for the frame and reneged on the deal so the seller rang me up and offered to bring it round for me to try. I tried it. I liked it and I bought it. It was a better bargain second time round too.
Shame about bike helmet styles!
Best easter egg ever.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

What a great easter pressie Gillian. I have a mountain bike but dont like riding it as it is a men's bike so I am looking around for a nice lady bike that I can ride. I am sure you and DJ will love having bike rides together too! Happy Easter to you both.

carol said...

Totally beautiful classic lines. I hope you have a guard to prevent your skirt from blowing into the wheels - and you need a basket up front for shoping or for Tigger to sit in.

Heide said...

I love your new wheels! It's very hilly where we live and I can only ride on flat surfaces. However, this is exactly the type of bicycle I'd choose as well. I like comfortable seats, sitting upright and not having lots of gears to fiddle with. Make sure and bring your camera on your upcoming bike adventures so we can all enjoy your rides.

chillsider said...

Over to you as cycling correspondent, my thighs refused years ago!