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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Tornado Close Up And In All Its Glory

This gorgeous machine was built by volunteers, using public subscriptions, over the last few years, at a railway workshop in Darlington. It returned to Shildon (Locomotion Museum) this week and is in pride of place in the large shed.

We walked up the Shildon hill and then took a short cut along the footpath which follows the first railway line, past the old engine and wagon sheds and into the museum area. The place was buzzing with train enthusiasts, primary schools and us. It is a magnificent and enormous reproduction of a Peppercorn Class engine. Beautifully finished and ready to drag the Mallard up from York next month.We walked back along the old railway line path towards Brusselton Incline and then down the hill to home. The early foals are all long legged and lying around in the sun, with the lovely weather we are having. The older horses seem to be able to sniff out the apples in DJ's bag and he often has them pushing at the gates for a fruit feed. The moving in is settling down. The furniture all fits well and those dozens of boxes of bits, that one has at the end, are being sorted into some fine order. The bookshelves are being rationalised, textile boxes are being stacked and vast quantities of wires with various fittings like skarts, usbs, co-axials, and such-like, previously stored in big, black bin-bags, are being disposed of. It is finally realised that they are not valuable enough to fill up the available space anymore.
Tomorrow is "Orange, 241" at the cinema and a 241 pizza to follow and Thursday is a trip to the Gala Theatre in Durham to see "The 39 Steps" and my sister will join us.
Cheers Gillian

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