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Monday, 3 May 2010

Spinning A Yarn and Then Dyeing

This is the colourful result of dyeing some mixed merino and Tunisian hill-sheep yarns which I plied together.The merino was Australian-super-fine and the Tunisian wool was almost like mohair. So I plied a strand of each together to produce a yarn which would knit at close to 8Pply/double. Then I went into the Dye Box. I mixed blue and purple.

It starts as a hank of wool like this. This particular one is from Tunisia. Their sheep roam the steeper slopes and look a bit like a cross between sheep and goats, and, indeed this wool looks like a cross between wool and mohair. I bought a few hanks last year at the souk while I was there.
I wound some superfine merino together with the tunisian wool using my winder and niddy-noddy.
They were then dyed and dried in skeins in the soft wind and occasional sun.
It was planned that today would be a trip to the seaside in the morning and a guided walk around Barnard Castle in the afternoon. BUT the weather was ghastly for being out for a long time and both were decided against. So, DJ did some painting and I did the dyeing.
We had a wonderful meal of "Chicken Fajitas" which I have never had before and was orchestrated by DJ, because he had had them before.
It was too late to take photos. They were eaten too soon.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Your wool looks beautiful Gillian, great colors. We too have had a ghastly day of rain and thunder and very very windy! I have to tell you that Kittykat is living quite happily still with Helen and she is doing very well!

chillsider said...

Dyeing always makes me so nervous[lazy?] yours has come out so well. I shall have to get on with it.
Wet and windy here too.