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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My car needs a major operation and I'm at home awaiting the phone call to tell me what it is and how much it will cost. It has been such a fit and well car up until now that it was quite a shock when a light started blinking on the dashboard. It is in for "diagnostic tests".
So I did a spot of dyeing to hang out to dry in the sun while I waited. I used a garnet red shade on some more of the merino/tunisian batch of wool and also threw in a scarf I had knitted in blue/grey/white mixes. The Merino picks up the dye better than the Tunisian wool and the pure Tunisian is on the left, the Merino/Tunisian mix in the middle and a blue acrylic and Tunisian mix is on the right.
I was cheered up when my new shoes came.

I tried a pair on in another colour at the shops yesterday but they hadn't got them in lovely, shiny, Dorothy red. Clarks are able to check their computer for availability and then arrange to have them sent to the shop or delivered to your door. My door! Yes Please!

They are like new slippers.

I shall go round to the P.O. to send some teaspoons to Moscow that I sold on ebay and try them out properly. DJ will sit in the sunny courtyard and wait for news from the Car Hospital.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

I'm so jealous of all this gadding about and colourful activity I can hardly speak!

It seems from where I sit chained to my desk that England is turning into a glorious Theme Park and I'm missing it all.

trish said...

Just love those shoes.
Hope you'll be wearing them when you come south in June

chillsider said...

Great shoes and excellent dyeing.
Our car has a light peering up at us too. It started to glow on the way home from hols.......knowing full well it is a w/e and we have to get up to Heathrow and back before we can get car to garage........rather mischievious, but hopefully not evil as it just sounds like a noisy exhaust, we keep telling ourselves.
hope yours is also a minor ailment

Catherine said...

What an amazing drying contraption!

celohs64 said...

What wonderful ruby slippers! The best way to take care of those peky dashboard lights is to reach up under the steering wheel/panel and disconnect the wires. ;) Love all of your walks.