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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lamb Chops and Pork Crackling!

We each have an annual ticket to the Beamish Museum, which will run out at the end of June, so after the frost had cleared we took off for a visit and a three mile walk around the circuit. The day was sunny when we left but it deteriorated into cloudy patches and some showers as we did the walk.
It was advertised as "Spring lambs and Ducklings". We found the orphan lambs first. They were at the Home Farm in a barn and ran towards us, bleating, as if were the bearers of milk-feeding-bottles.
Sorry! Not us!
Then we went through the stables and sties , followed by these chooks and found...An incubator/warm lamp section with some growing chicks and a duckling.The real pigsties down the back of the Home Farm, house this old girl (on the right!) who seems to be having a Chat with DJ. But she was really waiting for her mistress to offer her a sweetie!!!
Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

Lovely photos! I especially like the Marquis of Blanding - she does look very chatty.

Pity all the lambs up here - there was an inch of snow just a mile or so up hill yesterday!