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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sorrow about Sorrel but Joy about Yorkshires

One of the main reasons for buying a new cooker was so that we could have glass doors in order to see the yorkshire puddings rise while they cooked, instead of having the "Yorkshire Pudding Russian Roulette Routine" inside an oven with no glass in the doors and no thermostat light.
Here's the first result of a no-recipe-no-measure one, just cooked for dinner with a chicken roast.

GREAT SUCCESS The herb patch in the garden is doing really well too.
BUT... the sorrel has been overtaken by the recent burst of hot weather and is going to seed rapidly. Does anyone know what to do with a large ripe sorrel plant? I've only just learned what to do with a couple of leaves at a time. eg. salad leaves and chicken soup.

The front of the house was overgrown with clematis and climbing rose when I bought it a year ago. It was very badly overgrown and needed removing. It is slowly but surely being replaced with wisteria, virginia creeper and climbing rose. As you can see, the wisteria is well advanced up the drain pipe it has been planted to camouflage. The others are doing really well too.

Some more warm weather would help. I'd like it too. How about you?
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Your herb garden looks so nice. Our basil plant is doing the same thing, going to seed and I never eat it so dont really know what to use it for. Your Yorkshire pudding looks so nice, what do you pop inside them.

carol said...

Wow - my Yorkshires NEVER look like that.

Sorrel soup?

Ellada said...

Inside the Yorkshire puddings, you'll put your chicken or you leave it empty ?

Gillian Margaret Campbell said...

We usually eat them empty beside the roast meat, but it is traditional to fill them with gravy and eat them before the meal so that less meat and dinner is needed.
Cheers Gillian