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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Summer Outings

DJ made a splendid rhubarb and custard tart. His brother and sister in law drove up from Oughtershaw near Hawes, where they were having a week in a cottage in the Dales, and this was dessert. The rhubarb came from my brother's allotment in Barnet. We had been away, staying there for a couple of days, visiting them and getting to ride the tube to the O2 to see Carmen. It was a tremendous spectacle. We enjoyed a sunny day in town and visited the big machines at the Science Museum, the big skeletons at the Natural History Museum, lunched at the Royal Albert Hall and then bussed to Oxford Street to buy me some socks and trainers because my feet were blistering in my sandals. I'd had the good sense not to wear my new red shoes but the old comfy sandals were doing their first day of the year on bare feet in the sun and the feet couldn't take the strain.
Then on to the O2 for Carmen. It was sung in English but that made it no easier to understand. Doing opera "in the round" means you don't get it all in your face and anyway, it doesn't sound like english when its sung like that. But the production, the spectacle and the soloists were outstanding.

We saw Robin Hood at the pictures last week and like Chillsider, thoroughly enjoyed it but thought it overdid the battle scenes. We are also looking forward to the next one. This afternoon we are off to see The Bad Lieutenant. We love bargains and the Orange 241 Wednesday deal gets us both into the pics for £5.40 and two pizzas for the price of one at Pizza Express. Bring it on!

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

The rhubarb custard pie looks delicious. Nice to know you are enjoying some summer weather and it isnt too nice when your feet are sore from wearing some shoes. Lachie saw Robin Hood last night and thought it quite funny!

Anonymous said...

hi - we were at Carmen too - the same night - how strange? I agree the spectacle was great - but why ruin a good story with all that wailing?


Ellada said...

I want a piece of this tart. It look delicious.

carol said...

I love Carmen - so sexy!

Tart looks delectable too.