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Saturday, 19 June 2010


Much of the south coast of England is chalk, sandstone and limestone. These rocks are the result of ancient seabeds which have been formed from the remains of shellfish and sediments. The visitors centre at Seven Sisters displays also, the flints which formed as concretions in the sedimentary layers. One side of the building is the whole flint pebble, the other side is the smashed flint boulder pieces. Both of these are used to facade buildings in this area. They are weatherproof and decorative.We walked from the CarPark, along the river bank and out towards the incoming tide. I chose NOT to walk along a path with large heifers and some cows and calves lingering. I am not easily soothed by people saying...."don't worry it will be all right, we'll walk near the bank and if necessary we'll go in the water". I hate going in the water and those animals were much larger than me. I worry if they move towards me.
I said that I would go the other way and catch them up. So in the end we all went that way and I was much happier.It was a long haul to the top of the first Sister but the view was splendid. I don't know if this was the first or last sister but here are the others. I knew that people from all over the world had written their names and origins on Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia because I have been there but I was shocked to find that they had all been to the top of the Seven Sisters and done the same. Why am I shocked? We picknicked at the top and enjoyed the view and the day.
The previous day we had walked along the Lancing Beach Path.

We found some delightful cygnets in the lagoon behind the beach,
Lovely sunny days .
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Gillian I love your new blog look, how fantastic. How do you get your photos to have the white trim around the edges like that! Love the scenery, so beautiful.

carol said...

Elegant makeover!

Gillian said...

I chose a new colour background from the offerings on blogger and the pics just came out like that. I have to go back and see if I can shift the recent blog list over to the right a bit at the top but apart from that I'll stay with it for a while.
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

Great views.