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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


When I left Oz, I made everyone promise, that if they came to England , they would visit me. P reckoned that it would be unlikely, because of the children and anyway if she is going to go on a long haul flight it will be home to Canada. But M was 40 today, so they all travelled with him to England and Europe while he was on a business trip.
P and I worked together at Northcote High School in Melbourne for many years and were very close.
So I travelled south to meet up and took DJ. It was important to me that they all get on and they did.

The girls are delightful and were so good all the time. On the first day we walked across the centre of London, from Mayfair, to Princess Di's waterfall, where the girls paddled and dipped in the water with many others and we then headed off back to Mayfair for a lovely Italian dinner. The next day we met and went by bus from Mayfair to Charing Cross River Bank but we were advised by the driver to alight just after Trafalgar Square because there was a grid lock due to a burst water main. The day before we had been lucky enough to catch one of the last ten Routemaster red double decker buses still operating in London. Buses are fun for most but DJ loves Routemasters so it was a special ride. It lasted for ages too, because there was so much traffic trying to get round Hyde Park Corner.
Anyway we walked down Whitehall, past the Horse Guards, Downing Street and protestors and on to the quayside just beyond Big Ben.

The boat ride was to Greenwich and return and many famous sights were seen on the way.

Tower Bridge is still awesome. Much of London seems to be an art installation wrapped in paper, but it is simply the new "health and safety" measures on scaffolded buildings.
A Great Time. Here we say Good Bye.
Love to P,M, A and S.
Hope to see you next year.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

I enjoyed your days out! What stamina! London to me is so hopelssly exhausting. I do love tourist bus trips though so might do that one day even though I hve seen enough of the 'sights' in bye-gone days.

The most enjoyable time I spent in the city was digging in the London clay for an archeological society in the 70's. We unearthed huge quanties of oyster shells, amongst other more worthy items. The Victorians must have been very richly fed on them - I wonder if the aphrodisiac quality contributed to the sleazier side of lfe in those times?

Anonymous said...


biheng said...

How fun! You must be feeling so popular this year Gillian, with the number of visitors you're getting. Looking forward to making my way north in the not so distant future.