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Friday, 25 June 2010


A lot of people went to Shildon on Wednesday to see...The Tornado pull the Mallard all the way from York, with some help up the rear end from the Prince William!The Mallard holds the world steam traction record (1938) and is usually housed at the Railway Museum in York. The overflow from York is housed at Shildon, a couple of miles from home, and the Mallard will be there for a while.It has super, sleek lines. Art Deco in Transport.

The Prince William was needed to add a bit of oomph and diesel power to the procedings,and the gallant Tornado gushed steam, whistled, tooted and shunted the whole procession into the yards at Shildon.

Leaving the Mallard behind to be admired by all those around.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Beautiful - I wonder if that's the inspiration for the engine used in the opening sequences to the Poirot series - that's an art deco train.

chillsider said...

Retired Person would love to have seen that, will show him the pics once we are talking again.....

Ellada said...

Wow! beautiful train.