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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


We took visitors to the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in England on top of the Pennines. It was such a lovely day, it was hard to get a table outside for lunch. Some people had to share!
Seats inside were full up too.

And others were eating off the carpet in the lounge bar.

Picnickers were short of space.

But eventually we settled down on the leather sofas inside and tucked into a giant yorkshire filled with cumberland sausage and chips and gravy.
We spent the rest of the day driving back down the Dales to sea level and home via Archers Jersey Ice-cream parlour for a spag bol tea.
Badly need some exercise and today's stroll around Durham city has not had much aerobic impact. Watching the footie this afternoon won't help and neither will a meal out tonight, so there will have to be some catching up this weekend. I hope the lovely weather lasts.
Cheers Gillian

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chillsider said...

I bin there! wish I was today