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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Friends came to visit and brought rain and cherries. The rain has greened up the hills and the cherries are still being enjoyed too.

We travelled the Dales, walked in the woods, watched "Pride and Prejudice" in the walled garden at Raby Castle with a picnic, collected pebbles on the beach and ate and drank and talked and laughed. More friends came for the weekend and so we did more of it all again.

And the cherries are still being eaten. I brought my cherry-pitter back from Oz with me. It was purchased in the delightful kitchenware shop in the shopping centre at Bacchus Marsh. It has clicked its way through a few pounds of cherries this week and there are still a few to go.

We've had them fresh for breakfast and nibbled on them all week so I decided to do poached cherries from Stephanie Alexander's orange cookery bible "The Cook's Companion". The finished batch shall be made into cherry clafoutis for dessert tonight. I have found an easy recipe for the batter and have located a suitable dish.There is still a large container of cherries in the freezer. They shall stay there a while, until the desire for cherries is great enough to spend an hour pitting them and living with purple fingers for a day or two
Cheers Gillian

p.s. the clafoutis would have made a good house-brick but it all got eaten. Obviously there is a knack to making it and I shall have to try again because it tasted divine. It was just very stodgy.

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