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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


When I bought this house, just over a year ago, the kitchen looked quite attractive. I felt that it had a "country charm" and of course a lot of space. There was a large gas cooker and belfast sink. The bench top and cupboard doors were timber and the floor had the original Victorian floorboards. The original range is a beauty.

MAY 2009

It had an air of recycled, reclaimed wood about it. It looked good from a distance, and probably does in this picture, above. However, the curtains had enough grease in them to stand up on their own. The dresser top behind the cooker was also grease sodden. The taps kept falling off the sink. The belfast sink was so badly cracked that it was unhealthy. The glaze had been destroyed in many places. And there were "remnants" of things in and under all the cupboards and drawers.

MAY 2010

I worked on it and kept it going. Its size was its forte and it had the old Victorian range and original floorboards.

JUNE 2010
I re-worked the cupboards, hung clean curtains, got Hillary blinds, bought a new cooker, fixed a bit of plumbing and hung in there.
JULY 2010
Ten days ago, the old cupboards were pulled out, the plumbing was re-worked to accommodate a dish washer, the washing machine was removed to the out-house with the freezers, the electrician put in new wiring and the plasterer covered the Artex with smooth skimming. DJ repainted and this week the kitchen fitters moved in.
We had a Wickes kitchen. It is top quality, solid and well fitted. We got a "free" dish-washer and "half price" installation. But I think that's par for the course with present-day pricing techniques.

We are thrilled with it. There are some tiny touches to be added and two doors to be replaced this week. They said so, or they, and you, will hear about it.
So we sat down to celebrate with a steak from Broom Mill Farm Shop.

The dish-washer has just beeped to signal that its work is over!!!
The football is over too...Well done Spain.
Cheers Gillian


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Gillian said...

I don't know how this cheeky plumber got on but he obviously wasn't ever in my Geography class !!!
Cheers Gillian