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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My New Wellies Make Me Wet Myself

I have always lusted after a pair of Hunter Wellies.
*I don't go to Glastonbury
*I learned to ride years ago and wasn't fond of it so I stopped
*I haven't got a farm
*I don't take dogs for walks across open land
*I stay in when the snow is deep and treacherous. there has never been any really good reason to spend £60 on a pair.
Until, on my most recent foray to TKM.
Aren't they just beautiful? And they were only £29.99. Now that is a really good reason for buying some at last.
This morning, after my bath and while I was getting dressed, I wandered into the closet to find some clothes and saw them on the floor. I thought, "Oh you gorgeous things! I shall just slip my feet into you and see how grand you are".
They were, and I happily paraded in front of the mirror, wearing them and nothing else, because I had forgotten to select some clothes.
Then I sat on the stairs to take them off!!!
They were resistant to my tugs. I couldn't get them to slip back off my feet. I had a sudden dawning of how ridiculous I would look to any rescuer. D would definitely have laughed too much to help and he was occupied with other ablutions anyway.
I struggled and contorted myself, giggling uncontrollably, trying to wrest the boots from my damp feet. A sense of helplessness combined with a sudden need to go to the toilet.
Yes dear reader! I nearly wet myself!
That warm sensation of a trickle escaping, heightened my efforts and the boots now stand alone and high and dry.
I am writing this fully clothed and in my slippers.
The football is nearly over,
Cheers Gillian


keewee said...

Gillian, that is so funny, sure glad you manage to get your new boots off.

Sue said...

Oh Gillian how funny you are! I could just imagine you having to stay inside the house waiting for D to come and rescue the boots from your feet! I am sure you will have a giggle everytime you wear them now.

chillsider said...

I have the picture in my head, maybe I could paint it

Heide said...

I love the image! Your writing is hilarious and the situation even funnier. Thank you for sharing.