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Thursday, 8 July 2010


When I first moved in, the kitchen was the best room, but now that the rest of the house has been done, the kitchen is in need of improvement. All the cupboards and drawers had to be emptied so that they could be ripped out. The contents found new homes in towers of boxes and spread over flat surfaces like the table and dressers and the freezer was banished to the shed. Tomorrow the plumber will come and make a new home for the washing machine in another out-house. In the midst of this I decided to make some jam.
Strawberry, raspberry and blackberry with star anise and vanilla.

It cooked up well...
...and made a few jars.
While the jam cooled, I sat outside with a coffee and read a magazine and Tigger stayed inside and clambered around the furniture till she tracked down her bag of biscuits.
And made her own lunch!
The football is nearly over.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Thanks for the belly laugh! I'm also impressed you can flaunt yourself naked in front of a mirror. Obviously in better shape than moi. I take swift peeks now and again but mostly decide to keep my illusions comfortably intact!

Anonymous said...

I think I quite envy you. You've been able to go back and make a good life and have the money to make it work. Good on you!

Heide said...

Self-sufficient kitties are wonderful. The jam looks delicious. I think your kitchen looks very inviting.