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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bloody " Ideal" Boiler!

On the first day I moved into this house, the combi-boiler failed. DJ paid out £318 for an engineer to come round and install a new circuit panel and cover any further emergency repairs and parts for one year. A couple of months later it proved its worth when the pump went. Fortunately it was summer and it only took a couple of days.
Last Saturday morning I woke to a strange dying-from-exhaustion kind of noise from the combi-boiler (hot water and central heating). Nothing worked, it wouldn't do anything even when re-booted. This time the boiler-insurance company was impossible to contact. Their phone was engaged all morning so I resorted to paying a plumber to come and sort out the frozen condensate pipe. It was easily solved by arranging it to drip into a bucket inside the cupboard instead of trying to issue condensate through a frozen outdoor pipe.
This morning I woke at 5.30am to hear the exhausted boiler dying again. I rang the insurance company straight away....well before the rest of the country woke up and got on the phone. They took my details and announced that "Ideal" boilers was no longer part of their firm and they could transfer me but not until 8am. I rang back then, but the rest of the country was well risen and using their phone button fingers as fast as they could. There was no possibility that an engineer could get to me today. An engineer would ring me back and arrange an appointment. No-one rang me. I tried again later and did a really good version of being a pensioner, on my own, un-well and incapable but was told that the soonest I could see an engineer would be Saturday. No idea when, just hang around your cold home till one turns up or you die of hypothermia.
G the plumber came by after work and had no luck. He has gone home to study the "Ideal" boiler manual and try to stop swearing about how awful they are what b-gg-rs they are to fix. He will return tomorrow afternoon. If he can fix it HOORAY!!! and I will turn all the radiators on and have a hot bath. If not I will book into the local hotel till the engineer comes on Saturday.
Right now I'm in the top bedroom which is quite cosy, with the electric dimplex, the cat, the laptop and the TV. I journey out to do hurried visits to the toilet and make tea and toast and microwave ready-meals.
I was going to visit DJ and get him to have a little break from lorries, but I need to be here and anyway he has had a really rough time with his boiler playing up and not giving him a hot shower or heating his rooms properly and his cooker not getting hot enough to cook anything. It all costs money and causes plenty of angst.
Perhaps it's time to have a holiday. It was a long and tough year.
Cheers Gillian

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