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Friday, 8 January 2010

Good Old Fashioned Snow

The snow has sent me back a few decades.
Apart from lighting real fires with coal and having porridge/porage for breakfast every morning, I got my pensioner bus pass out and went on the bus to the shops with a shopping bag. Mind you, so did everyone else. The buses were full and only a bit late and everyone was chatting away. It was easier than digging the car out and de-frosting all the important bits and the sun was shining brightly and the snow was only ankle deep.
I've also put on a vest under my top and a hand-knitted jumper over it so that the central heating can be left on 21 degrees most of the time. I work in Celsius because of all the years I spent in Oz so 21C would be 70F.
The bedroom has been shifted up to the top floor so that work can commence soon on the new bathroom. I anticipate a suitable quote for the work this weekend. Will I ever finish? I'm now dreaming of a new kitchen and I badly need a loft ladder to easily access all the storage space in the roof and then......
Cheers Gillian


Heide said...

Wow, your remodeling planning is stuck in the overdrive mode. Maybe you should start a new knitting project, it's cheaper and you can bury it in a basket until it's finished! Thus, says the woman who is perpetually unsatisfied with the state of her own home! Happy Friday, keep warm.

sue said...

You have always been a busy bee doing something wonderful to your home. Well at least if you dont like the snow you can come to Oz for a visit, lol! I hope that you dont get too cold over there, you might have to do some more knitting!

carol said...

It's the time of year for home-making. I find myself doing a lot of cooking - helps to keep warm. I'm also indulging in clear-outs and throwing away stuff in anticipation of finding another house some time this year.

I loved your pies, plates and pussy postings earlier - was too lazy to comment at the time. Mostly I am in hibernation mode.