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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Marmalade Making

I was a bit preoccupied with boilers and central heating and nearly missed the seville orange season. A friend at W.I. claimed to have made 50 lbs already, so I dashed off to the shops and bought 3kg and made the above. I've experimented with plain and flavoured, namely, ginger, lime, whisky and black treacle, but not all in the same jar!
The main, plain lot didn't reach setting point before I had to go out, so it had to be re-boiled but it doesn't seem to have done it any harm. But I'm way short of 50lbs....more like 14lbs.

All those hours of fine slicing (about 3 actually) are some sort of excuse for the slow sock knitting. I'm going to have to make more effort if I plan to get a pair a month knitted. I pondered giving them as xmas gifts and have ceased knitting this one while I decide, so that if I do I can make the foot the right sort of size.
B and A have nearly finished installing a loft ladder and floor boarding so that lots of stuff can be stored up there. I can hear them hoovering now and soon I shall go up for a look.
The snow has all gone, for the moment. There are rumours that more is on the way. I'm off over the fell to Staindrop for dinner tonight so I hope it holds off for a bit longer. I don't want it tomorrow either for a drive down to DJ's but the sky is looking a bit heavy so I won't be surprised.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh how I miss your jam and lemon butter Gillian. Those marmalades sound as though they will keep you happy during the cold months. I love the color of your sock too, and I know you will be able to knit a pair a month, you are such a fast knitter.

carol said...

How they glowing. I used to make marmalade for my ex who likes the really thick chunky sort. I, on the other hand, don't much like it at all. I was watching the TV series on WW2 diet and remembering how my mother's larder used to look with all the bottled fruit and preserves. Hardly necessary now with freezers. 6 trees bearing the black Cerise du Nord in our Belgian garden meant I made huge quantities of cherry jam. That was fun.

carol said...

'How they glow!' that opening sentence was meant to read. Wish I had checked before hitting the button!

They are lovely and glowy and tone with the warm varnish!

chillsider said...

Optional marmalade flavours are enticing. Have a friend who makes jam and stuff and sells at markets. She calls her brand "Over the Wall". Once she stayed at our previous house and made Quince jelly. RP who was not Retired at that point [and perhaps more tunnel vision] scowled at the sticks tied in an upside down tepee and the muslin cloth thus supported to strain the fruity mass that dominated the kitchen for 2 days. He doesn't eat jam.

Heide said...

Gorgeous socks! I love marmelade, but it's so hard to find the correct oranges here in the States. The last time I had to fudge and use regular oranges with some lemon peels thrown in. Your jars look positively beautiful with the light shining off of them. Maybe you should put shelves in your window then line all of your jellies, etc. up like stained glass. Your socks look fabulous too. Stay dry!

gonga said...

Hi Gillian, been away from blogging recently, but back again now!! Got my oranges all ready to go for this years marmalade, made some last year for the first time, cant wait!! hope all is well, really must catch up sometime!! Becky.