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Friday, 29 January 2010


As you open the front door you see this. There are rooms to each side and this staircase leads up.

This is the view at the first floor return. On the left is the space where the master bedroom will be. It now houses the parts that will become the whole bathroom. The old wardrobes have been destructed by DJ with a sledge hammer and taken to the skips. The clothes have been sorted, the boots, the shoes, the hangers, the belts, the hats, the clutter of plastic bottles that promise some improvement in female bits and pieces.....All sorted and de-cluttered.
Then you go up the next flight of stairs.

Then there is the top landing. We have hung the Tom McGuinness print of Murton Colliery on the way up and Glen's "Crowd" at the top above the Goblin Teasmade. Because we now sleep on the third level, it is very handy to have a teasmade at the top!

The room at the top will eventually be the guest bedroom. For a couple of months, while the bathroom is being built, we will live up here.
Tigger loves this top landing and spends lots of time chattering at the jackdaws who live on the guttering and telephone wires. Sometimes it resembles a scene from "The Birds". Last week a hundred or so gathered on the rim of the gasometer. Hopefully they have now all flown away.
News tomorrow on the trellis!!!
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Wow what a lot of stairs Gillian! At least you get exercise walking up and down them all day, no need for a stairmaster is there! I hope the renovations go well for you. It sounds as though Tigger has found his calling watching the birds all day. Do they realise he is sitting there? How is the snow where you are, has it settled down yet.

carol said...

Such an elegant curving banister. It all looks very cosy and pretty.
I live on three levels which is good as it's often the only excercise I get!

trish said...

Love the photo of the top bedroom. It really is coming together. I should be up by the end of the month to do a progress check

Heide said...

Gorgeous stairs! I do fine climbing up, but I've a tendency to tumble while going down. Therefore, we had to find a single-story home, which is so boring. I can't wait to see pictures of the newly-remodeled bath and master bedroom.