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Sunday, 27 February 2011


We walked along the pier opposite the Seal Point oil refineries and the Corus steel works. It was blowy but fine and in a few months the blast furnace at the steel works will start up again as will hundreds of jobs. A sense of mild euphoria hangs over Redcar with this good news. The north-east has always seemed to be particularly badly hit in economic slumps and this re-opening of the steel works and the hundreds of jobs it provides is good news all round.
And more good news is my new wheel! It is my sixth spinning wheel and my third "Traditional Ashford". This one was new but greatly reduced because it had been on display in the came ready lacquered. We put it together in less than an hour and it went to work straight away.
I have a Nagy and adapted it to something like "scotch tension" but never felt comfortable with it, so when I saw this for sale I snapped it up. I shall restore the Nagy to double drive and sell it on. I have some Teesdale Lustre wool which needs combing but these days I prefer the ease of ready combed tops like the Merino beside it.

And these Blue Faced Leicester natural colours made me want to blend them into something tweedy.
I hope to spin the BFL into some yarn for a waistcoat for myself and have also been using up some ready dyed and other tops to produce these balls of mixed wools. They are all suitable for felting and will be used to make a bag like the one called Knitted Bag with Mitered Squares from here.
But before I get onto the knitting I must finish this WIP. I'm up to 39 squares, each about 8"square and reckon another six will be enough for a throw to go in the new snug when it's rebuilt. At the moment it is empty and all the stuff from the sheds and the snug is in, or soon will be in, a lock-up container down the road.
Some stuff like the cookery book bookcase has been squeezed into the sitting room beside the sofa where I sit and knit, so the squares are piled on top of Mrs Beeton and friends.
The weather is brightening up and I'm hoping that we get a dry spring so that the building work can go ahead unimpeded. There will be a building site outside the back door for a couple of months and that is if all goes well!!!
Cheers to you all


carol said...

Good luck with the extension - nobody could say you let the grass grow under your feet! So many skills.

I seem to recognise the design of that bookcase bye the bye!

Helen said...

Hi, are you still spinning? I'm in Darlington and have just started with a drop spindle, would love to talk to someone nearby about my new addiction!