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Friday, 11 February 2011


A few weeks ago we bought some really lovely fresh fish from Carrick's van in Leyburn market. It was truly good and so today we went in search of their shop in the little village of Snape, three miles south of Bedale in Yorkshire.
There have been road works on the A1 in this area for years. They will be on for another year at least while the A1 is transformed from dual carriageway to full blown motorway. But a decision was made recently to cut all future funding so the super-duper bit of road will end when you get to Leeming Bar if you travel northwards.
Smooth travel ended for us at the roadworks as we travelled southwards today and we were diverted through the village of Leeming Bar on our way to Bedale in the other direction! A fortuitous turn of events as it happened. We had never been to Leeming Bar before and would probably not have made the effort unless forced to do so.
We found the start of the Wensleydale Railway line. They said that they will start running trains this weekend. We sauntered along the platform and plan to return for a ride as soon as we can. The trains go up Wensleydale to Redmire and then you can catch a vintage bus as far up as Hawes and even further. The pic below shows one of the old snow-plough trains.

Next door to the station is a large emporium called Simply Dutch. It sells an amazing array of objects for the home, especially for people who have everything already. A life size Elvis to help populate an empty room or a beautifully made "Butlers Cupboard" for your butler perhaps.
We then drove under the A1 and on through Bedale. This is the avenue which leads from the main road into the village of Snape and it was lined with snowdrops.
We found Carricks and bought some haddock which we have just finished and it was as good as the last lot. There were lovely fresh veggies too , so I bought a celeriac. I have not cooked or eaten one before but plan to cook and mash it with some spuds to go with a steak and kidney suet pie this weekend.
I keep complaining about my weight! But I did do three sessions at the gym this week. And it's not really weight that worries me but size. I want to be able to do up my waistband comfortably.
A new Traditional Ashford arrived this morning and when we got back we set about assembling it. I'm off now to do some more spinning before going to bed to watch Graham Norton. He has good guests on tonight and I think he's a dear too.
Cheers Gillian.


Sue said...

Your own train Gillian, how cool is that, lol! I love the road lined with trees, very pretty. Sounds like you are enjoying your married life very much, so happy to hear that!

carol said...

I love old trains. Also celandines - haven't seen any of those for years but that may be my fault for not getting out more after fresh fish.