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Saturday, 5 February 2011


Well here is some sea-coal from Seaton Carew. Taken by my fuji480 compact camera.
It was in a red plastic bucket and so the light reflected through and lit up the coal. These pebbles were found on the shore and brought home. I bring a pocket or a bucket of rocks home every time I go to the beach.
They are corallian limestone, You can see the corals in the rocks.
My "close-up-photo" folio session is now finished. The next session requires the class to produce five pairs of contrasts and one intact photo which displays contrasts. More about that later.
We went to Saltburn today, to pick up a couple of lovely leather office chairs.
On our return we staggered upstairs with them and then spent a great time spinning, rocking and rolling in them.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Those rocks are truly ravishing. Are they still wet or do they keep their colour when dry - I'm often disappointend by pebbles I pick up on the beach when I get home and they go pale!

Stone Art's Blog said...

Love the rocks!

chillsider said...

Very arty well done to you and Nature