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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This week's photography assignment is to take pairs of photos showing contrasts. So here's a small number of trolleys... ...and here's a large number of trolleys.

This new Sainsbury's in town is a pleasure to visit. There aren't many people inside and there are fewer cars in the carpark. Hence the abundance of trolleys in the bays.

My next pair of contrasts was finished/unfinished. So I finished both the jigsaw and a piece of cake. The contrasting photo was, of course, some unfinished knitting but I shan't bore you with the whole assignment.Tigger helped with the jigsaw. Here she is putting in the last piece. She gets into about a quarter of all photos somehow or the other, because when I'm at home she rarely leaves my side, rather like a puppy.
Here she is again in her bed on the sofa watching me set up a tripod to take a shot of the glowing coals in the grate and looking rather Queen Victorian about it! I think there is an assignment later on based on capturing movement. She'll come in useful for that when she feels like it! Cheers Gillian


carol said...

I'm very much enjoying your assignments! And that's a gorgeous Tigger with foreshortened forepaws. Very supercilious, very regal.

Sue said...

Tigger is just gorgeous sitting there all grand! You must be having lots of fun with your photography course!