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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Extra Pics

This was an attempt at a fast shutter speed of the waves to show the clarity of them breaking on the beach. My camera only does what it wants and so it is much blurrier than it could be.
This is a "night" shot from the automatic selection. This was taken from the top window at about 6pm watching the night traffic go home.

These are the little sparkles from the shake-up dome that C sent for xmas. It seems to be much easier to get a sharp focus if you take the pic from a distance of about a meter and zoom in.

Last but not least is Tigger. I hung over her bed with the camera in hand and the wrist strap dangling down by mistake.
She went for it....fangs and claws.
Cheers Gillian


Sue said...

The picture shows Tigger in a completely different manner with those fangs, lol! Love the beach pic, doesnt look blurry to me. It sounds like you are enjoying your camera lessons.

biheng said...

What a fun course! Looks like you're getting more adventurous with each blog post. I find my photography to be more on the conservative side, so this has been inspiring.