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Thursday, 24 February 2011


About a year ago I got a refund on a digital camera that developed a spot on the screen and I spent the exchange £100 on a Fuji480. It has produced all the photos for this blog and more for about a year or so. I have been very happy with it. I use Windows Photo Gallery to do simple alterations to the pics and mainly to crop them. This is an example of it's "artistic" view of the flames from the coal fire in the kitchen. The pic was quite highly regarded at class review, for its artistic qualities also for the fact that it is a photo of something which is not obvious!!!This is obviously a pic of Tigger's left eye checking out the magic sparkle storm that C sent for xmas. She loves it. You shake it up and a mini battery sets it off. It has silver sparkles which swim in the LED light changes.
I have also got a smashing pic of the close up sparkles.
This Impressionist vision is the early evening shot from the top room. Very Monet!

We were supposed to be doing "more movement" shots. DJ reckoned that the pigeon and chicken crees on the fells would do so we went up this morning. Cockerel decided to give me the arse and these three hens were busy climbing up the dung heap.
Most people on the course have a much better camera than me and so today I volunteered to go first so that I could get mine off the viewing table and then the really good ones could be reviewed.

It's not a greatly fulfilling hobby. The extension is making us busy and so bits of "have to do my photography homework" don't always fit well in the job list.
I'm a perfectionist and I would like to do it all a lot better but I don't think it is worth a camera upgrade right now. My next blog is just some lovely pics I've taken as homework.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

You're a wonder! I'm so enjoying these photos - all of them - but the fire and the chicken arse have to be in the front runners. It's also more of a test of skill getting good ones using a normal camera and not some fancy-shmantzy gear.

carol said...

Sorry - cockerel a***e!
And the Monet is brilliant -how did you get that?